Time: SATURDAY 7-8p.m Nigerian Time

Nowadays, it has become the norm to have people of like minds organize themselves into groups on different platforms.

Despite its limitation, WhatsApp remains one of the best platforms for such.

Sadly, it is sometimes difficult to keep the forum active as most fora have remained unsustainable due to the stress of daily life, inactive members and the cost of keeping up with barrages of unsolicited posts, videos and messages that are circulated round the globe, making most members to press the “mute” button.

Question time is an innovative programme I have come up with to educate and provide a learning platform on WhatsApp. With sponsorship, I will take it to the next level- On TV!

Main aims & objectives

This program is designed to assist a social media platform or forum in many ways including but not limited to:

a) Keeping the forum active during the week and more especially over the weekends.

b) Fostering friendship & camaraderie among members.

c) Learning and hopefully benefitting from the experiences of others with a view to improving the overall quality of life of members.


1. A guest to be interviewed (Hot Seat) preferred day(s) of the week.

2. Guest to confirm readiness and send the following to me via WhatsApp no later than close of business on Friday (Penultimate week).

– A brief background introductory information/autobiography.

– The list of preferred questions.

Answers provided must be true and verifiable.

3. Guest picture to be used as group profile picture for the week/weekend.

4. Fixed time and duration. For example, Saturday 7-8p.m.

5. No other posts by members during this program.

6. Member participation

During the program, members will be allowed to ask questions by sending them directly to me for review. I will subsequently post on the forum (referencing the author) so that the member on the Hot Seat can respond. Also, this can provoke further discussions.


Do you have a life of experience you like to share with others. Then contact me

Please let me know so I can include you in the schedule.

Will you like to partipate/ be my guest?

Engineer Idowu Oyebanjo MNSE CEng MIET, UK

+447985682587 ( WhatsApp only)


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