A prophetic description of Nigeria by Abami Eda-Fela Anikulapo Kuti in “Confusion Break Bone”

My people talk say Nigeria don de, but me as I see am, I know say Nigeria go go down

How country go de make money, make people of country no see money?

Larudu regbeke, regbeke lau

Confusion (when everything is out of control) and Pafuka (comatose, failed or final state of the nation) starts with …..

Pafuka fit be hospitals, police stations, mortuaries etc

Then there will be many problems

My problem e no small at all, nothing de for me to sing about.

If something good de I go sing, everything e de e no de good

If I sing say, food no de
na old news be that

If I sing say, water no de
na old news be that

If I sing say, electric light no de
na old news be that

Na old old old news be that o, Na old news be that
I can’t sing say, “infilation”, mismanagement, stealing by government
na old news be that. Na old, old, old news be that o,

The problems still de paparapa

Then, there will exist vices and robbery in different forms

Leg robbery, pick-pockets, armed robbery with guns, kidnapping, head robbery (executive, legislative and Judiciary), authority stealing by public office holders- free stealing will be the country policy!

Note that Pafuka (the wanton and deliberate destruction of established norms, values and institutions) will eventually kill Nigeria- Pafuka na quench!!