The world is undergoing a change of civilization and most people are yet to grapple with the wind of change. For many reasons, chief among which is economic, Women have stopped being home builders only. They are now working outside the home and in some cases, are bread winners. There are great women who both work at home and secularly. They are to be commended. To be honest they are so gifted. They can be many things at a time – mother, nurse, doctor, psychologist, cook, cleaner, carer, economists, accountant, technologist, student, wife, etc.

Yet, this is not in line with the creator’s design for her. She is not wired to do this nor is this the definition of her role and will ultimately lead to tragicomedies. Women’s emancipation is what it is touted as and it will be the order of things from now to the extent that 50 years from today, it will be the norm if this wicked system remains.


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