Following the completion of the acquisition process, Investors need to ascertain the true value of the asset purchased. Identify where the Assets are and embark on a huge investment, that methinks will amount to rebuilding the entire network. Accurate data gathering will be a good start. Knowing where the Assets are as well as their health indices will suffice. The most important Asset that needs stock taking is human capital. Recruitment of ex-PHCN staff means there will be need for manpower training and development. Effort must be made not to allow the kind of problem encountered in the Oil Industry to occur in the Power Industry where true knowledge became the prerogative of the IOCs.

A pertinent issue that requires urgent attention is the connection of distributed Generation to the distribution network. Such connections, if they run in parallel with the Distribution network, must be disconnected when there is a system fault on the distribution network otherwise, such generators will continue to feed the fault and kill people. This can be achieved using Loss of Mains protection such as ROCOF and Vector Shift relays. The distribution code should reflect this as a condition for the connection of such Generation. This will apply to Negris’ connection in Lagos as well as Geometric Power Limited’s in Aba and many others that will spring up!


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