10,000MW promise again in December

For the umpteenth time, the nation in darkness is being promised of the realization of 10,000MW of Electrical Power by the end of this year. The main reason for this is that those who utter these kind of statements, although are in ministerial or high Governmental positions, lack knowledge of how a real Power System Operates. Added to this is the fact their audience, the general population, does not have a clue as to what it takes to have constant power supply – Not to blame them, they have lived without it since birth! Hence, anyone in Nigeria can say anything about Electrical Power Generation for electioneering or propagandist campaign. At the end of December, the excuse will then be something along the lines of “what we promised was the total Installed capacity would be 10,000MW” but that was not what was said! or “We have the 10,000MW ready to go, but the Transmission Network is unable to evacuate the power Generation”- Nonsense! Why don’t you do proper Power Project Management and avoid putting the cart before the horse! or “It is the unavailability of Gas” – Never mind that the Power Stations would be commissioned by means of an “I better pass my neighbour Generator”! Shame…………

The pledge of improved power supply in Nigeria is now worth 100 for 10 kobo (Very cheap!!!!).


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