The birth of the Privatised Nigerian Power System

Nigeria has been a nation in darkness for many years. I grew up knowing “UP NEPA” “Never Expect Power Always”, “Never Expect Power, Please Light Candle”, Generators – Oh “I Better Pass My Neighbour”. I have always wondered whether uninterrupted power supply will one day become the norm in Nigeria. For many years now, one government after another made empty promises about fixing the problem but with no success.

What are the problems facing the Nigerian Power Sector? What requires doing and what is being done? How do we power Africa? These and many more questions are answered here!

My name is Idowu Oyebanjo. I am a Power System Engineer with interest in matters relating to the Electrical Power System. I am also interested in teaching and mentoring others through organised training sessions, conferences, committees, groups, workshops etc. My blog is titled the Nigerian Power System because it is meant to focus on the development of a “dead” power System and to keep a track of the process of its “rebirth”, “growth”, challenges and successes! It will be an avenue to address the huge gap in knowledge of Power Systems’ technical details and provide useful guidance to NERC, Distribution Network Companies and other Stakeholders. 

I look forward to your comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions etc to make a success of it all.


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